Divorce Recovery Group and

Pregnancy Termination Recovery Group
Scroll down for information on each of these valuable groups offered at Redwood Counseling Services.

Divorce Recovery Counseling Group

Call for info on the next group start up. This group is for those currently going through the trauma of divorce as well as for those who are still working through the difficulties associated with their past divorce(s). It is conducted in an educational counseling format with a topic presented each week by Dr. Chris Miller. His presentations will be followed by discussion of questions relevant to the night’s topic. For more information or to register, please contact Dr. Chris at cmiller@redwoodcounselingservices.com or 303-351-5153, ext. 101.

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Pregnancy Termination Recovery

Call for info on the next group start up. This group is for women who have terminated a pregnancy and would like to receive healing. Emotions can surface days, weeks, months or even many years afterwards and this group offers a safe place to process. Several individual sessions with Kris Cameron are required prior to joining group. This group is a judgement free zone! Please contact Kris directly for more information. kcameron@redwoodcounselingservices.com or 303-351-5153, ext. 102.