Dr. Chris MillerDr. Chris Miller is a native New Yorker but has lived in the Denver area since he was 11. He has two degrees from the University of Colorado and two from Denver Seminary. He has taught in the public schools, worked in corporate sales, served on church pastoral staff, and has had a counseling practice since 1995.

Chris’ hobbies include studying about the American Civil War and traveling to Civil War battle fields. He is an associate licensed battlefield guide at Gettysburg National Military Park and travels there every year to tour and relax. He is also a baseball fan, most notably of the New York Yankees.

Chris has written and published a book about the transformation process called, “A Holy Pain.” He has also published three other books: At Gettysburg: Stories of Purpose and Hope, Hearts of Coverage: Women of Gettysburg, and Intelligent Fools: Smart People, Dumb Choices. He has been married since 1979, has two married children, and a grandson. He resides in Littleton, Colorado.

To reach Chris: cmiller@redwoodcounselingservices.com or call 303-351-5153, ext. 101.

Vision for Counseling

Chris is energized by walking with people through the process of change and growth. He builds relationships with those he works with so as to better lead them as they address the parts of their lives that need attention. Chris’ focus in counseling isn’t so much “Where have you been?” as much as it is, “Where do you want to go?” Having been on this journey himself, he knows how to lead people where they want to go, helping them to be motivated to do the work necessary to go with him.


Some of Dr. Miller’s areas of work include:

  • divorce adjustment
  • marriage and family
  • step-families
  • men’s issues
  • abuse survivors
  • addictions
  • communication and conflict resolution
  • emotional and physical intimacy breakdown
  • affair/infidelity recovery
  • clergy and church difficulties
  • adult children of alcoholics/divorce recovery

Client Recommendations

“After 10 years of marriage, we found ourselves at a crossroad. Our marriage had suffered a terrible tragedy due to infidelity as well as lack of care and attention. Because of Chris’ Christian convictions, years of experience, and professionalism, Chris was an obvious choice for us as we sought help. We previously attended his anger seminar at our church in addition to other speaking engagements. In these venues, we observed those things which make Chris a great counselor. He guided us from a point where divorce was imminent to a place where we are fully committed to restoring the marriage. He provided a loving, caring, and humorous (when appropriate) atmosphere, allowing our marriage to begin to heal and thrive. Chris gave us the tools necessary to improve our communication skills as well as identifying and changing problem areas in our marriage. He also helped us learn more about ourselves as a couple and as individuals. Today, our marriage is more of a God-honoring marriage and is so much richer than we could have ever imagined.”
 — JTB

“For about a dozen years, my office has recommended our clients seek counseling from Dr. Chris Miller. Dr. Miller’s therapeutic work has been uniformly helpful to them in giving insight, courage, and hot tips for dealing with difficult people. My clients report that he helps them increase their sense of capacity and self-confidence, and gain clarity in understanding their own issues. Clients come back to their difficult legal situation with determination, calmness and strength.” — Mary Ray White, Esq., Attorney at Law