Divorce Recovery Counseling Group. This counseling group, limited to 8-12 people, will be held on Thursdays, January 30 through April 10 (excluding March 27), 2014, from 6:15 to 7:45 pm. It is for those currently going through the trauma of divorce as well as for those who are still working through the difficulties associated with their past divorce(s). It is conducted in an educational counseling format with a topic presented each week by Dr. Chris Miller. His presentations will be followed by discussion of questions relevant to the night’s topic.

Dr. Chris has been helping men and women heal from divorce since 1988: his doctoral dissertation is on the topic of divorce adjustment.  For more information about this group or to register, please contact Dr. Chris at cmiller@redwoodcounselingservices.com or 303-351-5153, ext. 101.

Choices Divorce Recovery Workshop. This eight-week seminar is designed to help men and women address the variety of issues that result from divorce. Whether in the process of divorce, newly divorced, several years removed from your divorce, or even remarried, this seminar will be a tremendous help for all who attend.

Dr. Chris Miller has been teaching this workshop since 1988, continually renewing it in light of the most recent research available and his vast experience in the area. Thousands, regardless of religious background, have found this workshop a lifesaver in their recovering from divorce. Judges, attorneys, friends, and clergy have recommended this workshop.

For information on dates and times, check our Group Calendar or our Resources, Seminars and Speaking Engagements page. You can also contact Dr. Miller at cmiller@redwoodcounselingservices.com or 303-351-5153, ext. 101, for more information on current workshops or for information on how to bring the Choices workshop to your church or group.