Frequently Asked Questions

Why might someone need counseling?

Human beings are independent, resourceful, and resilient. We have the capacity to deal with a lot on our own. But there are times when we need the help of someone who has experience in an area of life we know nothing about. Like getting help by going to the doctor for not feeling well, counseling can help us get stronger and better equipped to do life well.

What should I expect when I go in for counseling?

You can expect to meet with your counselor for what’s called an “intake session,” which is a time set aside for you to get to know one another and articulate what’s bringing you in to the counseling office. Your counselor will find out how they can help and help you set goals for working together. Counselors know that it can be difficult for some to come in for counseling. Therefore, they are sensitive to that process and will take steps to make your working together as comfortable as possible.

How long does it take for things to get better?

That depends on a lot of factors such as frequency of appointments, the issues involved, the people attending counseling, the goals you’ve set, and how hard you work. It is the goal of the counselors at Redwood Counseling Services to help you meet your goals, not to try to keep you in counseling for a long time. Accordingly, your goals and progress will determine the time involved. Of course, you will be free to stop counseling or get a second opinion at any time.

Will I have to tell people I’m coming to counseling?

Never. You are free to tell whomever you want. We can always talk together about the type of people to tell and how and when to tell them.

What if it’s a marriage problem and my spouse won’t come?

Usually for a marriage to get better it takes both spouses working on it. However, if your spouse won’t attend with you, come anyway because you can learn and grow significantly even without them present and the support you will find in your counselor’s office will be invaluable. Sometimes the reluctant spouse comes later either out of curiosity or a result of seeing good changes in you. Your growth may give them hope.

Is everything I say to a counselor kept private and confidential?

The laws in Colorado are very clear about a client’s right to privacy. No one will find out from your counselor that they are seeing you or about the contents of your session without a written release from you. At the same time, state law requires that we break confidentiality for reasons associated with the abuse or neglect of children or the elderly as well as if you tell us of any harm you intend toward yourself or another.

Do you take insurance?

That depends on the counselor so it’s best to ask them individually. We understand that counseling can cost a lot of money and that insurance can be very helpful. At the same time, some insurance companies can be very intrusive in the counseling process, controlling what is done and the approach used. In addition, it is common for insurance companies to want a clinical diagnosis that will stay with them forever. Many people don’t want that kind of information about them documented. Finally, many insurance companies will work with you and will reimburse you for a part of your payment. We at Redwood Counseling Services will do all we can to provide you with the paperwork needed to aid you in your reimbursement process.

How do I get started?

You can get started by contacting the counselor of your choice by phone or through email. The counselors at Redwood will be prompt to respond. Let them know your availability and the two of you can find a time that works for both you. Some counselors at Redwood Counseling Services have an online appointment calendar that you can use to set up an appointment. Colorado law requires that paperwork is done prior to beginning counseling. You can find the needed forms on this website under “Resources” and “Intake Forms” or you can come in 15 minutes prior to your first appointment and fill out the forms at our office. Please let your counselor know if you will download the forms or if you need to come in early to fill them out at our office that way they can be available for you if you need to fill them out at our office.