Our Mission

The mission of Redwood Counseling Services is to provide excellent care for all who come to us for help. We desire to provide a safe place for people to address their questions, face the difficulties of life, and find direction for living the life they desire. We thrive when we can lead people into wholeness so that they can experience the fullness of life they were made to have and enjoy.

Our Specialties

The counselors at Redwood Counseling Services have expertise and training in helping others in the following areas.

  • Couple and marriage counseling
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Marriage enrichment
  • Communication restoration
  • Affair/infidelity recovery
  • Parenting
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Parent-teen problems
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Alcoholic families
  • Divorce recovery
  • Adult children of divorce
  • Step families
  • Domestic violence
  • Anger management
  • Spiritual questions
  • Clergy problems
  • Church abuse
  • Grief recovery
  • Pregnancy loss/Infertility

Please look under each counselor’s areas of expertise and ask whatever questions you might have. If we are unable to help you with what you need, we will gladly refer you to a professional who is skilled in your area of concern.

Our Philosophy

We at Redwood Counseling Services believe every human being has within them an innate dignity, worthy of respect and honor. This dignity comes from God, regardless of an individual’s race, gender, faith, or socio-economic status. We believe that life is hard and that we all get injured at times as well as injure others whether we intend to do so or not. We believe that healing and restoration is real and available but not always easy. It takes work and the trusted direction of those who have walked this path.

The counselors at Redwood Counseling Services are fellow travelers who know how to lead others on the path to freedom. It is the client’s job to live out the recommended changes and walk in them. We believe this journey begins with truth which produces hope and ends in transformation. In the end, we are free to live life well and enjoy the relationships we have been given.

Our Counselors

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