“After 10 years of marriage, we found ourselves at a crossroad. Our marriage had suffered a terrible tragedy due to infidelity as well as lack of care and attention. Because of Chris’ Christian convictions, years of experience, and professionalism, Chris was an obvious choice for us as we sought help. We previously attended his anger seminar at our church in addition to other speaking engagements. In these venues, we observed those things which make Chris a great counselor. He guided us from a point where divorce was imminent to a place where we are fully committed to restoring the marriage. He provided a loving, caring, and humorous (when appropriate) atmosphere, allowing our marriage to begin to heal and thrive. Chris gave us the tools necessary to improve our communication skills as well as identifying and changing problem areas in our marriage. He also helped us learn more about ourselves as a couple and as individuals. Today, our marriage is more of a God-honoring marriage and is so much richer than we could have ever imagined.”
 — JTB

“For about a dozen years, my office has recommended our clients seek counseling from Dr. Chris Miller. Dr. Miller’s therapeutic work has been uniformly helpful to them in giving insight, courage, and hot tips for dealing with difficult people. My clients report that he helps them increase their sense of capacity and self-confidence, and gain clarity in understanding their own issues. Clients come back to their difficult legal situation with determination, calmness and strength.” — Mary Ray White, Esq., Attorney at Law

“As a couple we were a bit intimidated to take our struggling marriage to an outside party to ask for help. Chris was able to make us feel immediately comfortable by helping us see that all of us are a work in progress and counseling would be no different. He had us work on strengthening our marriage where it was strong, remembering both how and why we fell in love. This set the state to dig in and get to work on the areas where we found it difficult to want to stay married. While it is still a process, Chris’s leading us through it has made the road smoother with his wisdom, wit, and love.” 
— Mr. & Mrs. S

“When I began my search for a counselor, I knew I wanted someone who would listen to me, understand me, rebuke me if necessary, and would take the time to get to know me. I was looking for a counselor that also would not be shocked at what I had to share. Chris was all this and more. He was empathetic, genuinely cared for my well-being, gave biblically-based guidance, and shared from his heart when God called him to. In our beginning sessions, he took the time to develop a family tree that he could refer to when I spoke of the many individuals in my life. And before we got into the deeper parts of my issues, he spent time really getting to know me, who I was, where I had come from, and what kind of person I was at the time. I spent many sessions with Chris, and I always walked away with something to think about and work on in regards to my life’s messes. When my counseling with Chris came to an end, we both felt like there had been an extreme ‘makeover’ of my soul. I am thankful to have had Chris helping guide me down life’s narrow road. I have great admiration and respect for Chris and give him my highest recommendation to anyone seeking sound Christian counseling.”
 — K