Welcome to Redwood Counseling Services

Life can be hard. Change is usually a struggle. At Redwood Counseling Services, our counselors know how to direct your successful journey toward freedom, starting with truth, which produces hope, and ends in transformation.


Redwood Counseling Services in Littleton, Colorado, exists to provide excellent care in a safe, professional environment where people are free to be honest with the life questions and troubles they are facing. Our counselors are committed to serving those with whom they work with integrity and trust in the hope of seeing them set free to live life to the fullest.

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As you face the truth about yourself, others, and life in general, you begin to see that your life can be different. Our counselors help you through the transformation process so that you can be changed in the ways you desire.

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Change is never easy but it is easier when you have someone to walk beside you, to lead you through the process. It is easier when someone is committed to helping you find peace and confidence and the satisfying life for which you are longing. Our counselors have the experience and dedication to help you down the path to your new life.

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Getting Started

Our counselors have extensive training and experience working with individuals, families, and couples of all ages, race, gender, faith, and socio-economic status. Regardless of the issue, our counselors have the same goal: to lead broken people into wholeness.

To get started, go to our About page to get more information on our specialties and counselors. Direct contact information for each counselor is on their About page or our Contact page. The counselors at Redwood are prompt to respond. Let them know your needs and they will help you find a counselor and time that works for you. You can get more information as well as the forms you will need to bring to your first session by going to our Getting Started or Client Forms pages.

In addition to individual, marriage, and family counseling, Redwood Counseling Services may offer counseling groups. For information, go to our Groups Calendar.